At Trulli Puglia, we believe that a holiday is most enjoyed when a little bit is known about where you're going.

We have therefore assembled a modest collection of articles and resources which we hope you will enjoy reading, and which are intended to offer an insight into various aspects of this still 'undiscovered' region of Italy. From a bit of history, to where to find something to eat, we have tried to cover those topics that will most interest the typical visitor. Over time, we will seek to build our articles this section into a valuable resource for new and repeat visitors alike.

If pictures speak louder than words for you, please visit our Photo Gallery. We've selected a number of pictures, taken at different times of the year, which we hope will help to show you the beauty of Puglia, no matter when you should choose to visit.

Do you have any views  or comments about Puglia that you would like to share? Perhaps even your own article? We are always looking for new and interesting things to tell visitors about Puglia and would welcome any ideas or contributions.  Please send us your ideas, suggestions or articles.



Visit our Photo Gallery

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Trulli - how did they come about?

Puglia, its culture and history

The Weather near Cisternino today

Maps of Puglia

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